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Preparing today’s children
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Activity cards for 5-12-year-olds 

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The world is changing fast.

Will your child be ready?

The future is here, and as AI and automation continue to transform our world, it’s essential to prepare our kids for what’s coming. 

As these technologies become more advanced, they are predicted to replace many jobs that are currently done by humans over the coming 5-10 years.

To succeed in a future dominated by these technologies, children need to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability – skills that are unfortunately overlooked by most curriculums. 

The successful adults of tomorrow will be those children who mastered the right mix of skills today.

Cards Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

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These cards are an important addition to every child’s learning and a fun way to teach 5-12 years old’s the skills needed to be successful in the world of tomorrow.

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Icons Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

Six skills to prepare them for tomorrow.

Our Futureproof activity cards train your child in the six vital skills that will prepare them for the future.

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Creative Problem Solving

We no longer live in a world where simply knowing facts is good enough. To succeed in your future you will need to be able to think creatively and solve problems in unique ways.

Business leaders now rank creativity as the number one skill in the working world, even above hard work, integrity and teamwork.

Resilience Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


We can’t control external forces, but we can change how we respond to them. Teaching our children how to be resilient is essential to their mental health, emotional well-being, and development as they grow into adulthood.

You can’t stop your child ever facing challenges in their life. What you can do is equip them with the skills to cope with those challenges and bounce back quickly.

Master learner Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

Learning How to Learn

Most children are bombarded, from an early age, with information about ‘what to learn’. However, when are they ever taught the tips and strategies of ‘how to learn’?

Teach your child the right way to learn while they are young, and you have given them a gift they will benefit from their entire lives.

Life long learning Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

Life-long Learning

It is a disappointing fact that in many cases, ‘ school’ itself is the very thing responsible for the death of a love of learning.

Until there’s a revolution in how kids are educated, it’s up to us as parents and caregivers to instil and nourish a love of learning in our children to ensure that they have the best chance of thriving in a rapidly changing world.

Rational Thinking Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

Rational Thinking

In today’s busy world, your child is bombarded with information and potentially bias views from hundreds of sources every day. Whether it’s social media, the television, teachers, friends, or adverts, your child needs to know how to evaluate the information they’re hearing, to separate the facts from opinion, and to draw their own conclusions.

They need to become a logical and rational thinker.

Teamwork Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


In the future, workplaces will become increasingly diversified and decentralized, and the individuals who will be most in demand, are those who have mastered skills like negotiation, social awareness, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Emotional intelligence will be key to your child’s future success. The children who develop strong collaboration skills today will be the winners of tomorrow.

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