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We pay you 40% of every course sale that comes from your unique link – with no limits to how much you can earn. 

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40% Commission rate

You will receive 40% of all sales that are linked to your affiliate code

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It is free to join the Unreplaceable Affiliate Program with no limits to how much you can earn 

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Once you are in the program you will be given access to all the resources you will need to showcase the course to your audience. These include graphic tiles, banner ads, swipe copy and printable activities and videos 

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As part of the program, you will be given access to your own affiliate dashboard where you can check your affiliate sales and see what you are owed

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Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?

The Unreplaceable Affiliate Program is free to join.

Do I need to have gone through the course myself?

Technically, no. However, we always recommend that you have experienced the course before you promote to make sure you are happy that it would be a good fit for your audience. You can contact us about getting access to the course once you are signed up as an affiliate. 

How do I receive my commission payments?

You provide your Paypal ID when you apply for the program. Payouts will be distributed approx 30 days from the end of the month the purchase was made. For example: Affiliate payments attributed to purchases from June will be paid out around the 1st of August.

Are there any limits to how much I can earn?
There are no limits at all. The more sales you drive the more money you earn.

A little about the course

The program is structured around the below ten critical future-proof skills and consists of a range of fun activities designed to form habits and behaviours that nurture these skills and create a person who is ready to take on the world of tomorrow and thrive.

Unreplaceable skill rational problem solver Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Your child will learn how to make sense of a world that bombards us with thousands of messages, opinions, and ideas every day.

Unreplaceable skill creativity Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


We no longer live in a world where simply knowing facts is good enough. To succeed, your child will need to be able to think creatively and solve problems in unique ways.

Unreplaceable skill Teamwork Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Being a bold social collaborator means working as part of a team whilst being a good communicator. It means being great at both listening and speaking.

Unreplaceable skill open Empathy Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Empathy is a key trait employers will be looking for in the future of work and combining this with open-mindedness is a recipe for future success.

Unreplaceable skill Master Learner Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Children are told what to learn all the time but rarely are they shown how to learn. When your child learns the strategies behind effective learning it can be a game-changer.

Unreplaceable skill Goal setting Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


This module teaches your child how to set goals. Whether it’s passing a test, running a certain distance, or finishing a book – when your child sets goals magic happens.

Unreplaceable skill Resilience Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


As a resilient adaptor, your child will be better equipped to take healthy risks, trust their instincts, try things outside their comfort zone, and solve problems with confidence.

Unreplaceable skill Optimistic seeker Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


When your child learns to be an optimistic seeker, they travel through life with a sense of positivity and curiosity and with a passion for exploring new things.


Unreplaceable skill Entreprenuer Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Being an occupational entrepreneur means being someone who never gives up, someone who always faces a challenge with confidence and positivity and is not afraid to fail.

Unreplaceable skill Forever Learner Preparing today's children for tomorrow.


Education doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. When your child falls in love with learning, they see everything as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and that becomes a life-long habit.

No devices Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

Screen-Free activities to
Future-proof your child

Enjoy watching your child have fun while learning the skills that will make them successful in the future  – and all without a screen in sight!

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Activities Unreplaceable 1 Preparing today's children for tomorrow.

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