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Using expert opinion from individuals and organisations in the fields of technology, human performance, education, the economy and neuroscience – we have created a course that teaches you how to train your child in ten robot-proof super skills that will make your child UNREPLACEABLE in the future of work.

These skills are not something that your child can learn by memorising the words on a blackboard and cannot be acquired overnight.

The ‘Future-proof your child’ course is a unique program that includes engaging videos and a range of fun activities and exercises designed to grow these ten super skills and create a person who is ready to take on the world of tomorrow and thrive.

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The super skills to make them robot-proof.

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What you will learn?

Gain a solid understanding of the problem of automation and the future of work

Understand the different skills that will set your child apart from the competition in the future

Understand how to nurture and grow those skills in your child to give them the advantage

Get insights into the possible risks to your own career from automation over the next decade

Future-proof yourself and your family

Fun & Engaging Activity Sheets

Each of the ten course modules contains five PDF printable activities designed to develop the skills discussed in that module.

It will depend on the age and capability of your child as to whether they work through the activities independently or with your support.

High Definition Videos

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High quality entertaining videos and fun, powerful activities that your child will love.

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Clear progress indicators and unlimited replays of course materials with no expiry dates.

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