People worry about a lot of things. They worry about their bills, their children’s education, and the weather. They are concerned about the state of the world of politics or the rising cost of gas. But one of the most common worries many people have today, is the future of work and the uncertaintay of where future of technology is leading us. While no one can deny its convenience, beyond the horizon is the shadow of a threat to our livelihood and even our very survival.


Technology influences every aspect of our lives. But many fear that there will come a day when robotics, AI and machine learning will take precedence over the human workforce and render many of us jobless.

After all, these robots will be faster and more efficient than us. They will never get ill or depressed, never take holidays or upset each other. They can work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and business owners wouldn’t even need to switch the lights on in their buildings as the robots do not mind working in darkness. The savings are huge and will be irresistable to many compaies.

“The robot workforce never gets tired or sick”


Companies have realized that, if they utilize the power of automation and robotic technology within the workforce, they can increase their productivity by 60% or more. This is a difficult concept to ignore.

As big brands start to join the technology bandwagon on a higher level, the push to include such AI machines will only increase. According to ZDNet.com, McDonald’s recently announced that they had plans to roll out robotic-based kiosk order centers to replace workers at 2,500 of its locations.

Human fast-food workers often lack the skills or ability to keep up with order flows and demands by customers. Machines will improve the overall customer experience, at the expense of thehuman workers they will start to replace.

In addition to the future robots manning the order booths at the famous restaurant chain, McDonald’s is also promising to soon include more “robotic burger flippers” that will take the place of human workers with the promise of increased accuracy and proficiency, as well as productivity.

“Train yourself to become more flexible”


According to Marty Neumeier, there are five major talents that you should prepare for in the coming robotic age. They are listed and described below.

Feeling: empathy, social intelligence, intuition
Seeing: systems thinking, envisioning whole thoughts
Dreaming: using imagination for new ideas
Making: mastering the design process
Learning: learning new skills at will

The above senses are similar to the five senses that we, as humans, all possess. But it takes this a step further by interjecting the ability to imagine beyond the obvious or the physical world to what has yet to be invented. When you think about this domain, consider Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, or Mark Twain. They come from different fields of industry and different skills, but they all shared a fantastic ability to envision and “imagine.”
Steve Jobs was once asked upon his return to Apple, “What are we going to do now, Steve?” He thought a minute and replied: “We’re going to ‘pretend the universe’.”

This god-like quality of wanting to create, invent, reinvent, and improve will always be needed in our world. We rely on these original, daring, creative thinkers to unleash new products and ideas that will continue to improve our lives.


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