Is your career on a path to extinction? In the now classic 1993 movie, “Jurassic Park,” as the central characters are walking up a flight of stairs to a science lab, someone says, “Will this make our jobs obsolete?” Then Jeff Goldblum, who plays scientist and chaos theory expert, Ian Malcolm says, “Don’t you mean extinct?”

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Many of the most impressive scientific discoveries that humankind has discovered over the past few years threaten our very ability to sustain and maintain ourselves within our choice of careers and life choices. How are we to remain relevant and compete with this?

Artificial intelligence has already affected a wide range of careers and job opportunities across the world. As this technology continues to improve, it will likely influence the job market in several fields of industry, causing some to worry about their job security.

This is understandable. But as they say, knowledge is power. The more information you have on the trends, innovations, and progress of AI and machine learning, the more you will be equipped to handle the changes, whatever they may be, in the future.

AI is the single most credible threat to the survival of mankind that has ever existed”



Whenever we get into a discussion about artificial intelligence, we step out of the realm of reality and into the realm of “the possible.” While machine learning systems and AI is already here in many ways, it is still a technology in its infancy.

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur and engineer, warns people of the dangers when he says, “AI is the single most credible threat to the survival of mankind that has ever existed.” He especially expressed concern about robots given the job of policing and controlling the public and feels there is a lot of opportunity for misuse and overuse. His harrowing words haunt us as we dive into the topic of the future of AI, while at the same time fascinating and entertaining us.


How many of us as business owners or manufacturers wouldn’t like about a hundred robots armed with the latest capabilities do all of the manual work in one hour that it would take employees two days to complete? Efficiency and productivity are essential to progress, right?

And yet, for every great invention, we discover that promises to take us to the next level of humanity, there is a price to pay. For some, AI is a threat to our job, our security, and yes, even our survival.

So how do we cope with these changes and the implementation of AI machinery into our workplaces without making ourselves obsolete?

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Are you creative? Do you have a great idea that you would like to share with your supervisor, but you are hesitant to do so? The more creative you can be in your current position, the more reluctant an employer will be to replace you with intelligent automation. Robot technology has come a long way, but it has as yet not been able to come close to the artistic, creative side that is the human mind.

Creative thinking and problem solving, along with the ability to rapidly adjust and adapt to new ways of working will be the skills needed in the future.

“Become a super learner”


When thinking about securing your current job, think about what specific skills you can work on that will keep the bots at bay. What talents do you possess that could keep you from getting replaced? Machines are amazing in their world, but they can never quite “get out of the matrix!”

Many people are concerned about their future. Job titles such as radiologists, legal secretaries, and telemarketers are all threatened, to some degree, by the power of artificial Intelligence.

What is needed is a unique approach to one’s career and future if they are to remain relevant in our changing world!

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AI, machine learning, and automation have been created, and we can’t turn back time. They are here to stay, so instead of lamenting that we’ve gone too far, we must learn how to deal with it, while keeping people in their jobs.

Remember that the more automated your job could be done, the more you need to retrain, learn more creative approaches, or upgrade your skills to stay secure in your job.



Legal secretaries should take a personal approach to problem-solving, become A-1 researchers and consultants who show empathy to clients when the attorneys are out and go out of their way to help clients feel confident in the firm’s ability to help them.

Radiologists can improve the customer experience by showing a caring approach to the medical procedures that no robot can emulate.

“Those machines still need human-driven management, from scheduling maintenance to dealing with unexpected downtime.”

The original concept of “climbing the corporate ladder” is still possible as automated processes permeate the business world. You want to keep your job, but a promotion might be your next goal. Consider the world of management.

Executives will be needed for management as it pertains to automated devices and machines. Going back to school for management skills is a clever way to make your mark in this profession. As noted with the change from low-income to high-income jobs, it makes sense that more executive positions will open up in the future. Those machines still need human-driven management, from scheduling maintenance to dealing with unexpected downtime.

“Become a super learner”


We don’t believe iRobot will ever really happen but the scary thing is that some of these machines are in the hands of people who are more concerned about creating revenue from their inventions and increasing productivity in industry than maintaining the value of the human workforce.

So stay creative. Think different. Be unique. There is a world of difference between a machine and a person. With so much “human-like” machine inventions all around us, it’s sometimes hard to see it. But, as humans who want to maintain our status in a technological world, our survival depends on it.


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